The Top 3 Materials for Any Engage NY Math Lesson

EngageNY Math Materials

Often, students will need different materials on hand for one curriculum to the next.  When you are teaching using Engage NY math, there are a few things you want to have on-hand and ready to go for the lessons.

Personal White Boards – In the teacher’s guides, EngageNY suggests teachers use page protectors with sheets of card stock or tagboard inserted as “personal whiteboards”. Since I teach multiple math blocks, I decided to invest in these write and wipe boards.

They are more expensive (a little more than $1 per board), but I knew that my students would trash the flimsier pocket protectors.  Also, I really like how to pocket is larger than the paper I am trying to insert.  Since Engage NY has you insert templates AND the card stock, page protectors can get a little tight.  When using the write and wipe boards, I can fit and store all the templates I need to right into the pocket.

Dry Erase Markers – I have experimented with all kinds of dry erase markers.  Overall, the Expo markers have truly stood the test of time!  However, when I started, I thought I really needed to be using the fine point Expos since I would have my students solving complicated math problems.  They are great for having a fine tip, but when it comes to longevity, they just did not hold up.  It is worth your time and money (or hopefully your school’s money), to purchase the wider-tip version, and to teach the students to not write with the entire tip. I buy EXPO Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers, Chisel Tip on Amazon.

White Board Erasers – Now, these can be tricky.  There are many things teachers use as white board erasers, but my favorite are these little felt squares I found on Amazon:

They have held up really well for being used all day long, and although they have gotten pretty ugly, they still work like a charm.  I love that they are small and manageable in size, and that I did not have to do any type of prep to get them ready to be used by my class!

….And, once you have gathered your materials and printed your resources for the day’s lesson, you are ready to go!

If you are curious about how I use these materials quickly and efficiently in the lessons, check out this post which includes a pacing guide to help you get through the entire lesson during each math block you teach!

Happy Teaching,



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