Weekly Math Homework

One of my favorite new resources this year is this Weekly Math Homework .

Each week, I choose a math standard I want my students to review and the only work I need to do is copy one, 2-sided sheet for each of my students. I don’t even have to think about math homework again until Friday, when I collect it.

And, do you know what’s even better? My kids think it’s FUN!!!

So, what IS this amazing miracle of a math homework? You ask.

Well, one side of the paper contains a grid of 9 activity choices. The other side contains problems or numbers for the students to use during their activities.

Here’s a sample:

The nine choices include a variety of different types of activities each week and no two weeks are exactly the same. There is so ething for everyone…your writers, your creatives, your rote problem-solvers. I think that is the sevret to why the students love this resource SO much!

This bundle includes enough topics to cover every 5th grade math standard and 36 weeks’ worth, so it will last all year.

For a limited time only, it is $5 off in my store, so grab your copy today!

Thanks to Kelly and Kim’s Kindergarten Kreations

For the great linkup!
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